The visa application will be refused, if

1.         The applicant:

  • presents a false, counterfeit or forged travel document
  • does not prove the purpose and conditions of the intended stay.
  • does not certify, that he has sufficient means of subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay, and for the return to his country of origin or residence.
  • has exceeded the maximum duration of authorized stay within the same 6 months period in the territory of the Member States.
  • is a person for whom an alert has been issued in the Shengen Information System (SIS) for the purpose of refusing entry.
  • is considered to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health, international relations of any of the Member States, in particular where alert has been issued in Member States national databases for the purpose of refusing entry on the same grounds.
  • is not in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance, where applicable.

2.         Doubt arises concerning the validity and the content of the supporting documents, the reliability of the statements made by the applicant.

The reason for refusal is notified by the consul using the established refusal form. Notification on the reason for refusal can be obtained at the consulate only by the applicant in person. In case of refusal the consulate will not reimburse the visa fee.

Appeal procedure

If the visa is refused, annuled or revoked, applicants have the right to appeal. Appeals can be submitted in person either by the applicant or by the person who has a power of attorney from the applicant at the competent Hungarian Consulate (that refused the visa application) 8 days within the date of receiving the decision on refusal and 3 days within the date of receiving the decision on the annulment or revocation of a visa.

The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides on the appeals within 15 days (in case of annulment or revocation of a visa within 5 days).

The appeal should be lodged in writing and it should be signed by the applicant. The appeal must be submitted in Hungarian or in any other official languages of the European Union. If the applicant lodges the appeal in another language he/she must submit an official translation thereof.

The fee of the appeal procedure is 59 BGN which should be paid when submitting the appeal. The fee for the appeal procedure cannot be reimbursed, not even in case of a positive decision. Reduction of the fee is not possible and must be paid by all applicants (even if the visa procedure was free of charge).

Further supporting documents may be submitted during the appeal procedure and the applicant can be called to the consulate for a personal interview.

The decision on the appeal may be subject to judicial review.

In case of refusal a new application may be submitted at any time and the visa fee has to be paid again.