At a ceremony held at the Presidency on 19 July, President Rumen Radev awarded the Order of the Madara Horseman, First Class, to the Ambassador of Hungary to Bulgaria, Tekla Harangozo, for her outstanding efforts to the strengthening and development of bilateral relations. "I express my deep appreciation for Ambassador Tekla Harangozo's significant contribution to the development of political, economic and cultural ties between Bulgaria and Hungary," Radev said.

"Ambassador Harangozo distinguished herself as an extremely active ambassador during her term in office, who contributed with her active work and drive to deepening our relations and developing political contacts at the highest level", Radev said. He cited as examples the signing of the nuclear regulatory documents, the promotion of cooperation between gas transmission operators in the Solidarity Ring initiative, various projects on education, science, culture between the two countries. Radev noted Ambassador Harangozo's great role in the development of trade and economic cooperation.

Ambassador Harangozo noted that she received the award for fulfilling a mission which she described as "one of the greatest challenges of my life." "When I was offered the ambassadorship to Bulgaria, I felt I had to commit to this mission, even though I had not thought about an ambassadorship before. I can promise that if I have the opportunity in the future, I will be committed to ensuring that our relations remain harmonious and friendly," said Harangozo.
19.07.2023 17:51 (BTA)